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Meloscene SceneKey
Image by Riley Bartel

Welcome to Meloscene

Make Real Music In Virtual Reality

Step into the future of artistic collaboration with Meloscene: Wirelessly sync with VR/AR headsets and unite with creators worldwide in our immersive virtual studios. Embrace the thrill of a groundbreaking creator economy, revolutionizing the way art is crafted and shared. Join us to redefine the artistic experience in the digital era and be at the forefront of the creative revolution!


Collaborate Globally with Meloscene

Create music alongside fellow musicians or your favorite artists from across the globe, face-to-face, inside virtual studios. Cross-DAW compatibility provides artists with unprecedented access to each other's creative flows, eliminating DAW incompatibility for the first time. Simply put on your headset, sync with your PC, or just jump in to experience Meloscene!

Music Creation on Apple Vision Pro

Connect Real Instruments Into Virtual Reality

Meloscene is our groundbreaking mixed reality studio platform, transforming collaborative music creation across the globe. Musicians effortlessly sync and create in real time using their DAW, while fans actively participate in the creative process. What sets us apart? Our proprietary AI integration significantly reduces latency within the platform, making Meloscene a true game changer.

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Our Team

DALL·E 2024-02-15 22.45.16 - Visualize a music studio made entirely of white marble. The s
Chad Gerber
Founder & CIO
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Julie Gerber
Co-Founder & CEO
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Reshaping Collaboration Creation and Sharing

Join a community of creators who are reshaping the future of  creation and sharing. Monetize your music and grow your audience with Meloscene.

Meloscene Specifications

Meloscene Technology

Easy to Use

Meloscene is easy to use and can be set up in minutes. No technical knowledge required.

Meloscene Studios on the go
Meloscene VR connection

Wireless Connectivity

Wirelessly connect real instruments to VR/AR headsets through your personal  PC or the Meloscene Scenekey.

Meloscene Interface
Meloscene Global

Lossless Audio

Create sonic masterpieces with lossless live recording. Musicians can collaborate across the globe "face to face" within our virtual studios, delivering studio-grade quality that defies distance through our patent pending ultra low latency AI system.

Meloscene Creation

Universal Compatibility

Meloscene seamlessly integrates with leading VR/AR headsets, Digital Audio Workstations, and audio interfaces.

Meloscene Tech


Connect Collaborate
Anytime Anywhere

Meloscene Spacial Computing

Experience Music Like Never Before

Grow Your Audience
Sell Your Music
Sell Your Merch
Monetize Your Art

Meloscene Apple


Connect with Musicians and Fans Globally

Meloscene Studio
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